E-Z Expungement

Please review the Requirements for E-Z Expungement before completing this form. 

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    Eligibility for Expungement

    I have reviewed the Eligibility for Expungement and I meet all the requirements for expungement.
    1. I am eligible for expungement.

    2. I understand an expungement in the interests of justice is not included in this agreement and will require a separate agreement.

    Agreement For Expungement Services

    3. I understand Attorney is not licensed to practice law outside of California and that this service applies to misdemeanor cases only.

    4. I understand it can take 2 to 3 months, or longer, for my expungement to be granted. I also understand that the court can deny my expungement.

    5. I understand that Attorney makes no promises as to the outcome of my expungement and agree to pay Attorney for services rendered even if my expungement is denied by the court.

    6. I agree to pay to Attorney the sum of $750 to file one (1) expungement on my behalf. Attorney will start work upon receipt of payment and this completed agreement.

    7. I agree to pay to Attorney all fees and costs under this agreement. I understand interest at 1% per month will be charged on all unpaid balances. I understand Attorney may request to be removed as counsel of record if I fail to pay for services within 30 days of billing.

    8. I understand that payment is a non-refundable deposit. I understand that this amount is the minimum amount charged by Attorney to take my case, review my case file and confirm that I am eligible for expungement.

    9. I agree to provide true and accurate information to Attorney, including on this form, and to provide information upon request.

    10. I agree to pay attorney's fees and cost to the prevailing party in any lawsuit relating to this agreement.

    Scope of Representation

    The services provided under this agreement are limited to one petition for expungement of one misdemeanor criminal case in California. No other services will be provided under this agreement.

    The following services require a separate agreement:
    Felony expungement
    Early termination of probation
    Declaration in the interests of justice
    Supporting Documents attached to the petition

    If other services are necessary or advisable, Attorney will inform Client before providing these services. These services will be billed at Attorney's hourly rate of $250.00. Client agrees to pay for these services and acknowledges that a separate agreement is necessary prior to Attorney providing other services.

    11. I agree to the scope of representation described above.

    Agreement to Terms

    I have read and understand terms 1-11 above.

    I have had adequate opportunity to consult with an independent attorney regarding these terms.

    I agree to terms 1-11 above.

    Limitations of Expungement

    I understand that expungement might have no effect on whether I am deported, or denied admission or naturalization.

    I understand that certain jobs will require me to disclose my convictions even after they have been expunged.

    Limitations on E-Z Expungement

    E-Z Expungement Cannot Help With:

    Certain Government Positions

    You must disclose expunged convictions on applications for law enforcement or when running for public office.


    Expungement does not remove a criminal conviction for immigration purposes. However, a Padilla Motion can undo a guilty plea made by a non-citizen.

    Criminal and Arrest Record

    Expungement does not remove a record of arrest or change the entry of judgment from your department of justice record. It does not remove your fingerprints from law enforcement databases.

    Background Check Companies

    There are numerous background check companies that maintain their own criminal records. These records are based on public records collected by the the companies. An expungement has no effect on these records.

    When Can I Start E-Z Expungement?

    One Year After Misdemeanor Or Infraction

    You may expunge a misdemeanor or infraction charge one year from the date of conviction if you have complied with the sentence and obeyed all laws during that time.

    Upon Fulfilling Probation Conditions

    Usually, if you have satisfactorily completed the probationary period or has been discharged before its termination, you are entitled to have the guilty plea withdrawn and the accusations dismissed.

    Upon Payment Of Restitution

    If you were sentenced to pay restitution, you cannot expunge your criminal conviction until the balance of the restitution is paid.

    Expungement In the Interests of Justice

    If you do not meet the requirements above, you may still ask the court to expunge your case. However, you will need to file a written statement explaining why expungement is “in the interest of justice” (see Penal Code section 1203.4(a)(1).) RBX Law is experienced at obtaining expungements in the interests of justice. Contact us to begin the process!

    RBX Law provides E-Z Expungement throughout California.